AAP Eliminates Age Limit for Children to Ride in Rear-Facing Car Seats – What to Know


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The American Academy of Pediatrics has modified its tips encompassing rear-dealing with auto seats — particularly, to lengthen the apply for “as lengthy as attainable.”

In the new coverage titled “Child Passenger Safety,” released Thursday, the firm advises, “All infants and toddlers need to journey in a rear-dealing with auto protection seat (CSS) as lengthy as attainable, until finally they get to the greatest fat or peak permitted by their CSS’s company.”

Parents may possibly remember the AAP’s preceding suggestion for mother and father to have their youngsters in rear-dealing with auto seats until finally age two, but direct coverage-assertion writer Benjamin Hoffman, MD, FAAP, points out that “car seat producers have designed seats that enable youngsters to continue being rear-dealing with until finally they weigh 40 lbs or a lot more.”

This “means most youngsters can continue being rear-dealing with earlier their 2nd birthday,” Dr. Hoffman provides.

Says Dr. Hoffman, who also serves as chair of the AAP Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention, “It’s greatest to hold your kid rear-dealing with as lengthy as attainable. This is nonetheless the most secure way for youngsters to journey.”

The AAP advises that when youngsters get to the higher fat or peak restrict for rear-dealing with seats, they “should use a belt-positioning booster seat until finally the motor vehicle lap and shoulder seat belt matches appropriately, normally when they have arrived at four ft nine inches in peak and are amongst eight and 12 several years of age.”

After that, when little ones can use a seat belt with no an extra seat, “they need to often use lap and shoulder seat belts for optimum safety,” and, “All youngsters more youthful than 13 several years need to be restrained in the rear seats of cars for optimum safety.”

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Using the appropriate auto seat lowers the threat of dying and significant harm by a lot more than 70 p.c, Dr. Hoffman provides, advising mother and father to use a auto seat every single time their kid rides in a motor vehicle.

“Car crashes continue being a top lead to of dying for youngsters,” he suggests. “Over the final 10 several years, 4 youngsters [14 and younger] died every single working day. We hope that by aiding mother and father and caregivers use the appropriate auto protection seat for every single and every single journey that we can greater defend little ones and avoid tragedies.”

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